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In groups or solo, make a short film and submit it within 72 hours. Some plot points and cues will be given to you at the start of the competititon.



  • Group size - maximum 4, minimum 1. This is for crew. You can have as many or as few actors as you want in addition (or the crew can be the actors.)

  • You will be given some things to include in your film at the start of the competition. Inclusion of all elements is compulsory. Those items will be published here and on our Facebook page.

  • All footage must be original

  • Royalty-free music is allowed

  • ALL creative work on the film from pre- to post-production must take place within the 72-hour timeframe.

  • All films must be shared via google drive or youtube by the close of competition. Share with or mail links to

  • Filename needs to be the full name of your group leader (that is, whoever in your group is most likely to check their emails!)

  • Maximum length of 5 minutes.

  • All films must have a title at the start and cast/crew credits at the end.

  • Junior (Years 7-10) and senior (Years 11-13) categories.



Competition opens at 9.00 am, Friday November 24

Competition closes at 9.00 am, Monday November 27


Winners announced at AKONIFEST TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28

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