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What is Star Theory?

Dyer argues that stars - not TV shows, or music, or films or whatever - are the basic product produced by the enterntatinment industry. As such they are very important to the industyr - without these stars, there are no films, no tv shows etc etc. A good starting point wiht the music industry in particular would be to look at the function of TV talent shows like America's Got Talent.

You should produce a video essay or presentation dismantling the star personas of at least two stars. You should show how these star personas are constructed in the media and how the media in turn uses the personas to attract audiences (and to create new stars!)

We have established that a star is a creatied thing, a product, a text like any other. So now you get to create one. Your research should hev apointed you in the direction of certain styles, genres, approaches which are currently popular with a younger music audience; start generating ideas for your own star to appeal to this audience. You will need to seek some audience feedback on your ideas, and then you need to produce pre-production for your proposed product.

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