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Once you have finished the task on the sheet, go here and get the files. They are the unmixed stems from a musical recording session; your task is to edit them as you see fit, then mix them into a final product. For those musical purists who want to be different, feel free to go here and choose a different project.


Create a presentation explaining audio recording technical, legal and logistical conventions. 


Record a poem for GCSE teaching.

This needs to be a complex. layered piece of work. Presumably, it will start with a voice recording, probably studio-based, of a poem of your choice. However, you ened to continue witha range of sounds, perhaps changing stanza-by-stanza, which you have captured in a number of locations, both external, internal and synthetic. Keep a log of what you record, location, equipment used and issues encountered.

Equally, be ambitious with your edit; you need to show that you can mix audio (which means you need several tracks to mix in the first place); as a minimum, we would expect, speech, foley, ambience/ background and music. (You can use copyright-free music but all you get credit for is how you edit it. If you can produce your own music, and you can, then do!)

Pre-production will consist of idea generation and a dubchart.

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