SCENARIO: You are an independent filmmaker. Plan and create a 3-5 minute TV drama or short film for entry into the festival circuit and/ or to send to commissioning editors.

TASK 3: Due 26th June

Produce your TV Drama or short film

TASK 1: Due 13th March

Create resources to teach a GCSE Media class about TV Drama and the short film. This can be a powerpoint presentation, a film-based presentation, a webpage, or a written chapter.

Have a look at the assessment criteria above. Where would you place the work of these students? What are they doing well? Is there anything they could do to improve?

TASK 2: Due 5th June

Plan your short film or TV Drama

From Task 1, you should have some idea of the kind of short film or TV drama you want to make. Watch as many similar things as you can. Start brainstorming and creating ideas for your own piece (notice - key words are CREATIVE and FLAIR if you want a distinction. They also want your pre-production to be THOROUGH. One quick mindmap is most definitely not thorough.) Once you have your idea, start proper pre-production - all documentation available here.

An example of (IB) student pre-production. How would they do in BTEC?


Brief with dates

A Few Films...

Tick Tock - non linear narrative, non-realist

Cracked Screen - Open ending, realist, three-part plot

The Answers - Flashbacks, non-linear narrative, three-part plot

The Last Three Minutes - Flashbacks, non-linear narrative

The Crossing - Genre (Horror)

Signs - Genre (Romance), closed ending, three-part plot


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