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Your Brief

Your job is to MAKE A SHORT (3-4 MINUTE) FILM. You will need to:

  • Write a script and get it checked

  • Find locations

  • Make a storyboard

  • Rehearse actors

  • Film your scenes

  • Record sound

  • Edit your film

  • Find (or make) and add music

  • Make a trailer

  • Make a poster

  • Export and upload your film


TIME - Make sure everyone understands when different jobs need to be done by. Make sure everyone knows what their contribution is. There should NEVER be anyone doing nothing; if there is, then your group was too big or your film is not ambitious enough.

SCRIPT - Should be written already and everyone should have checked it. Divide it into scenes (maybe 3-5.) The actors need to rehearse - the director should help them understand what it is they are trying to do. If the script is not ready, treat it as an emergency!

STORYBOARDING - A big job! The storyboard is probably the most important part of the entire process, because it is where you decide how cool or horrendous your film is going to be. Understand the basic concept; when you are storyboarding, you are PLANNING SHOTS not SUMMARISING THE STORY.

The example above shows how shots are planned (don't panic about the quality - they had a lot longer than you to do it!)

THREE THINGS to think about:

  • WHICH SHOT? (Long shot for locations at the start of a scene;mid-shots for most action: close ups for emotional parts.)

  • IS ANYTHING MOVING? (The camera or the actors? Or both?)

  • WHAT SOUND IS NEEDED AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT? (Dialogue, foley, music?)



Post-production is when we EDIT. You will be asked to do a few different things, and you will want to split the work up between your group.


  • Check all footage and sound and make sure it is usable. Make a note of what needs to be filmed again.

  • Make the ASSEMBLY CUT. This is the rough draft - it is basically a way of checking that you have all the footage and sound you need to complete the film and that your story makes sense (hint; they usually don't at this stage!)

  • Get the assembly cut checked.This is EXTREMELY important!

  • Make the FINAL CUT. This is the one that will be shown.


  • Your main job is to ensure that the editor has whatever they need.If they find there are missing shots, or unusable footage or sound, you need to go and do it again.

  • We also need a poster to advertise your film. Get some help here.

  • If you have time, you can make a trailer for your film. Either use the templates in iMovie or start from scratch (much better!)

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