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Introductory Assignment

the task

There are two parts to this assignment. In both parts, you are being assessed on your knowledge of MEDIA LANGUAGE and AUDIENCE.


First you need to write a short essay (700 words) analysing the media language and features of audience in the first 5 minutes of a TV show of your choosing.


Secondly, you need to create a ten-frame storyboard of the first five minutes of a TV Drama that you invent yourself. You also need to write a very short (100 words) explanation of the media language and audience factors you tried to include.


All assessment work is primarily done in class.

the planning

Sit Com Analysis

Awkward Exemplar

Community Exemplar


the assessment

The Storyboard

The second part of this assignment is to plan the beginning of a brand new TV Drama. You will produce a ten-frame storyboard which will represent the most important shots from the first five minutes of the show.

Storyboards, when they are being assessed, need to be presented very well and this means they can be very time consuming. So, we only want to do them once! A good way to make sure you know what you are doing is to create a shotlist before you begin to create the actual storyboard. There is an example of a shot list below, as well as the blank template to create your own.

Shot list template

Shot list example

Other Useful Stuff

Guide to the whole assignment. Contains a very useful glossary.

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