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You're going to film a short scene to show off your ability to capture a range of shots, angles and motions. It will probably go into your portfolio as an example of your cinematography, so do that REALLY well; but anything can be an example of any skill, so take care, as ever, with every aspect. 


Your scene is about a journey. You're going somewhere you are either very happy or very unhappy about. During the journey, you have a conversation. At some point in the journey you have a confrontation. At the end of the journey, you have a surprise.

Your scene should include:

  • At least one establisher.

  • Tracking shots.

  • Panning shot.

  • Shot/ reverse shot

  • Point of view shot

  • Both high and low angle shots.

  • Reaction shot.

Extra credit for:


You can work in groups, but obviously you only get credit for what YOU shoot. Aim for a minimum of one minute per group member. No maximum.

  • Understanding of film language. Different shots for different moods and meanings

  • Technical competence. Good camera handling, competent focus and framing, smooth and purposeful movement.

  • Ambition in terms of range and combination of shots.

  • Creativity.

  • Efficiency.

What are we looking for?

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