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Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.

Robert Altman




Film has often been compared to powered flight, the main similarities being that they are both inventions of the early twentieth century which revolutionised the way we live. Despite being the dominant art and cultural form of the last 120 or so years, Film (including TV - yes, you can study that too) is still regarded by more traditional thinkers as a 'new' form which often only gets studied by those who are curious enough or adventurous enough to investigate. And yet these are the cultural forms we engage with more than any other, and those which presumably do more than any others to shape the way we think and express ourselves.


IB Film is a very varied course. We need to work on developing traditional academic skills - research, writing, forming our own ideas about why films are the way they are. But there's creativity too, as we take these ideas we've formed and make our own films. And that, of course, demands technical ability; you need to learn the skills of editing, or filming, or writing, or sound design, or directing. (Note - you do not need to be 'techy' as such. But you do need to be willing to develop a new skillset.) 


Finally, this course offers freedom. We have no set curriculum; if you enjoy sci-fi, then study sci-fi. In the past, students have focused on everything from Spanish surrealism to zombie movies to political propaganda to the chick flick to animation. It's all good; and it teaches you the invaluable skill of finding and developing your own interests and your own academic and creative voice.



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