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TASK: Watch the video to the right. Make notes on the connections Bong Joon-Ho makes between Korean society and Korean film. Also note where you see these links in the film.

TASK: Using the links on the left for information, construct a Marxist reading of the film. In what was is the film an allegory of the modern world? What view of the world is being expressed? 

Film History

TASK: Watch this video about German Expressionist classic Metropolis (Fritz Lang 1920). Learn more about German Expressionism here.

Make notes on the influence of German Expressionism on Snowpiercer.

Textual Analysis

TASK: Starting with these materials, and incorporating the other stuff you have learned, write a 1000 - 1750 word analysis of a five-minute extract of the film. Use the textual analysis rubric to organise your planning and writing.


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