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By now, you should have some idea about the style and content - the conventions - of Film Noir. Look here if you need a refresher.

As ever, once we know what it looks like, we need to make it. This would probably go into your portfolio as an example of cinematography but it could equally be an example of editing or writing. Be aware of which skill you are trying to demonstrate - framing, lighting, continuity editing, more adventurous shot types, writing that stylised noir dialogue - and focus your attentions on planning and execution of that particular thing. Do everything well, but concentrate primarily on the thing you are being assessed on!

The task is simply to film an encounter and a conversation between a man and a woman. It needs to be done in a recognisably noir style, and more capable students will be able to imitate the dialogue and content of noir also. (REALLY capable students might choose to pastiche the entire style...) Aim for 1 - 3 minutes.

You need to produce:

  • Brainstorm

  • Script

  • Storyboard (not necessarily for the entire film.)

  • Shot list (which might be in the form of an annotated storyboard.)

Work in groups of one or two. Your assessment criteria are here.

Sin City, Robert Rodriguez, 2005

'The Rules' of Film Noir

Student Work. How are they doing?

Film Noir lighting

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