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An awesome and therapeutic exercise in continuity editing. Choose your weapon, film your clip. Trim it if you want to be helpful (otherwise everyone will have to trim every clip.) Note the cuts are ON THE IMPACT. Drop your clip in this folder, download and import into into Premiere Pro and cut them together. Prizes for best weapon and best acting. Add music for extra marks. Oh, and transitions will hide any messy match cuts.

Export at a sensible size (100-200 MB) and add final films to this folder.



Ok, we have our clips. Download them, and import (DON'T DRAG - we want the program to check them for us) into Premiere Pro or whichever program you are using.

Remember, this is an exercise in continuity editing. Most of these clips need editing. Here's the one I filmed:

We need to trim down the HANDLES - the parts at the start and finish. A particular type of continuity edit is the MATCH ON ACTION - that means we cut ON the action, not AFTER it. In this case, that means cutting ON the reaction and then ON the attack. Hopefully the person attacking used the weapon to cover the lens so you have a couple of black frames to act as a transition. So it ends up like this.

We are also assessing your ability to do this EFFICIENTLY. SO you have one lesson. Download, editi, export (100-200 mb) and upload to the correct folder, using your own name as the filename. HURRY UP!

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