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KEY VOCABULARY (from Quizlet!)

Animation: the process of creating the illusion of motion by creating individual frames as opposed to filming naturally occurring action at a regular frame rate


Aspect ratio: a measure of the relative sizes of the horizontal and vertical components of an image- standard=4:3 widescreen=16:9


Camera: a device for recording images


Cel: hand drawn sheet representing a single animation frame


Computer generated imagery (GGI): use of computer graphics to create or enhance special effects


Cinematographer: a person with expertise in the art of capturing images


Claymation: animation of models constructed from clay


Cut: a change in either camera angle or placement, location, or time


Director: the principal creative artist on a movie set


Editing: reconstructing the sequence of events in a movie


Frame: individual picture which eventually appears on a print


Frame rate: the number of frames captured or projected per second


Producer: oversees and delivers a film project


Scene: continuous block of storytelling set in a single location or following a particular character


Score: musical component of a movies soundtrack


Set: environment used for filming


Screenplay: a written work detailing story, setting, and dialogue


Special effects: artificial effects used to create illusions for a movie


Stop motion: form of animation in which objects are filmed frame by frame and altered slightly between each frame


Storyboard: graphic organizer in the form of sketches or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre visualizing a motion picture

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